RV Specific Technology

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As RV season starts up this spring there are many new technologies and gadgets that could help life on the road go more smoothly. As you plan your next RV consider adding some of the following tech gadgets to your RV for easier travels and more enjoyable vacation time!

Smart RV Systems: This includes anything from RV specific GPS systems, to touch screens to work as a home monitoring system for your home on wheels. These can include electrical and light controls, outdoor awning or window coverings, climate control, and even monitor water or fuel tanks! 

Solar Panels: Using a renewable resource to power your home on wheels is one of the up and coming tech trends in RV tech! These solar panels can help charge batteries, power your interior and exterior lights, and even replace some of the more regular propane use. Solar panels are growing in popularity as more and more people are opting to boondock instead of parking with all the hookups.

Mobile Hotspot and Signal Booster: in the digital age, it can be a real relief to take a vacation that allows you to unplug from the world for a while. However, realistically it is important for personal safety – and sometimes personal comfort – to be able to connect to the outside world as needed no matter where you find yourself parked. Mobile hotspots are great for making sure you have access to the internet on your phone and others devised when you do not have direct access to WiFi. If you are in an area with free or paid for WiFi, investing in a signal booster could really help your internet connectivity and speed as needed.

New Battery Technology for RVs: Finally, if your RV is in need of an upgrade for one reason or another, it is worth it to look into models with the new Lithium Battery technology. Some positives with this upgrade include that they are compatible with solar panels, require less regular maintenance, and have longer lifespan before needing to be replaced. Less upkeep costs in the long run turns into less stress and less money spent in preparation for your trips!

Consider upgrading to one of more of the previously listed RV specific technologies for your next trip, and you could find added benefits to your vacation such as less frustrations from internet connectivity or general electrical maintenance. Upgrading with some Smart Tech could not only make your travel more smooth with built-in GPS but also make your stay more enjoyable with specific control of your home away from home.