RV Living Hacks

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Life on the road can be an adventure, but it can also be a struggle to manage what little space and materials you are able to take with you. With some of these RV living hacks you are sure to get the most out of your limited space and keep all essential equipment within easy reach as you vacation and travel.

First, upgrade your storage space with a few minor upgrades. Cut over-the-door cloth shoe organizers into strips for space saving pouches in tucked away high or low spaces. Use Command hooks for easy hanging of coats on walls or inside cupboards to organize cooking utensils. Consider adding a tension rod inside of your shower for more hanging closet space that can be easily moved out when you need to shower. There are endless possibilities for storage and organization with a bit of creativity and flexibility

For some easy safety upgrades try minimizing potential for injury. Pad the corners of furniture in high trafficked areas, especially any low or protruding cupboard edges. Think about any loose or shiftable objects that could become projectiles while the RV is in motion; how can these items be secured? Velcro strips are great for smaller knick knacks and everyday items, just place one large velcro strip on a counter or wall and a small piece on the items you want to secure. Adhesive magnets can also work in this way if you want to avoid unwanted soft items sticking to the velcro strips.

Depending on when you are traveling it might also be good to consider needed for different seasons. Removable adhesive insulation for windows and vents could save a bit of cash when it comes to keeping the heat in or out depending on the season. Additionally, you can split up your clothes and bedding into seasonal totes for easy storage and unpacking when you need to switch from tank tops, shorts, and sheets, to parkas, pants, and flannels.

Even though RVs have limited storage, it is worth it to invest in a few gadgets to help with everyday activities. think of pop-up or collapsible versions of necessary equipment like lanterns, bowls, sinks, even inflatable chairs or compact hammocks. For cooking or practicality needs consider nesting bowls and tupperware for kitchens and extension cord spools for easy and efficient packing. In this technological age, any cooking or heating equipment that can be linked to a cellphone app or smart device is a great way to insure safety and energy efficiency in your RV.

Using these RV living hacks can help you save on space, maintain safety, improve organization, and simplify everyday tasks. Some of these hacks take a little bit of prep work and getting used to but in the end they are sure to make life on the road that much easier! Choose a few hacks to start with and in no time your RV lifestyle will feel like second nature.