Our House on Wheels – At Home in an RV

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It can be hard to feel at home when you are on the road in an RV, whether for an extended vacation or if you have maken the jump to RV living. Some small steps can be taken to make your RV feel more like a home, and help you fully embrace your house on wheels as a personalized home. Try some of the following tips and updates to help make your RV more homey:

Update your space with fresh paint! Choose a new color palette that fits your style and feels like a home to you. Using this color scheme throughout your RV can really bring the space together and help it feel like a cohesive space either for the long weekend or your current living situation. Once you have your color scheme it is just a short step to decorating your home on wheels!

Choose meaningful and purposeful decorations! With your base color scheme in place, now it is time to pick some decorations that help your RV feel more and more like a home. Choose some decorations that reflect your interests and what you value in your life. Art that speaks to you and photos of friends and family can all make your RV reach that homey feeling. Be sure to secure pictures and wall hanging for safety while traveling – try velcro command strips for a sturdy fit and easy redecoration! 

Finally, make it comfy! With color and decor in place now it’s time to address comfort. Add throw pillows and blankets to your living and bedroom space to ensure that hanging out in your RV is as comfortable as possible. These throws and blankets can also be their own form of decorations and can allow you change or update your color scheme year round. Buy a few different colors and patterns and switch them out around the holidays for a more festive and homey feel.

For the time you spend in your RV, either long term or for vacation, it’s important to feel at home. With these easy upgrades and tips you can make a house on wheels into a true home that you are happy to live in for however long your stay.