Interior Design for Your RV

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Comfort, aesthetic, and functionality are three key elements to consider with any decorating or designing of living spaces. This holds true for the interior of your RV, especially if you want it to feel like a home away from home. If you are looking to make your RV more cozy, functional, or just more modern, consider spending some time updating the interior with these easy tips:

First things first, it is important to come to a decision on what theme you want to focus your interior design on. Some options include: rustic, shabby chic, boho, and mid century modern. There are many more options, but starting with a theme will help you focus on the decoration that fit your vision so you can create a cohesive interior.

Once you have your theme, it is always surprising how far a fresh coat of paint can go to make a space feel brand new! In a small space like an RV, lighter colors help to open up the space and can give a face lift to your traditional wood RV Interiors, especially if you’re leaning towards a more modern look. Don’t forget to prime first to make sure your new colors last and look their best!

Don’t be afraid to add some patterns and textures to your decoration selections! If you end up choosing a single color or neutral color scheme for your new paint, it’s important to add some variety to your other areas of decor. Patterns and textures on cushion and pillow covers can be an easy upgrade and they can be switched out when you’re ready for some new looks or during different seasons. 

Finally, when redesigning your RV’s interior, consider adding those homey touches that always seem to be missing on the road. Hang photos of your family and friends or choose artwork that you enjoy that fits your selected theme. Take it a step further and use refurbished thrifted furniture to replace the more traditional RV built-in furniture. Just be sure you have a plan for storing or securing any loose furniture while in transit. 

With these few tips your RV is sure to become a true home away from home. Whether you want a practical facelift or a homey redecoration, these tips can help you get started and help you achieve the aesthetic that you’ve been looking for for your home on wheels. After all, especially on vacation, everyone wants to stay in a comfortable and inviting space!