Park Model

Park model RVs, usually made 10-12 feet wide, are trailers built to resemble homes and can be used for recreational or camping purposes. On average these units are around 400 square feet and have a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Once parked and set up, owners can connect their electricity and water. These trailers are meant to stay in one spot year-round. Park models are essentially a smaller version of a mobile home or cabin.

Park models are insured like a mobile home. There is dwelling coverage and personal liability options, like a traditional homeowner’s policy, without being as expensive.

Stationary Trailer

Stationary trailers are traditional travel trailers and fifth wheels which have been parked permanently on a site.Β  Stationary trailer owners often remove the wheels of the trailer and add skirting around the bottom. To provide additional living space, stationary trailer owners will commonly build an attached Florida room, 3 season porch or deck.

Stationary trailers can be insured a couple of ways, depending on the carrier. They can be insured like a traditional travel trailer, but without a collision deductible because it does not move. Other carriers will insure stationary trailers as they would a mobile home, it is determined by the underwriting guidelines of the insurance carrier.

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