Generations Enjoying RV Life Together

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RV traveling can be a family affair for both immediate families and extended families. This can include a week-long vacation or a permanent RV lifestyle. There is such a wide variety of people that RV together including young couples, growing families, grandparents with grandchildren, and more. When there are multiple different ages, generations, and interests, it can sometimes be difficult for everything to run smoothly. It is important to find attractions that will interest everyone and to understand the importance of compromise. 

Finding locations and attractions that will interest all generations may sometimes be difficult. A family with young children might journey to different places compared to an older couple. When there are multiple generations traveling together, you must think of places that will interest all passengers. Something to think about when finding a place for everyone to enjoy is how hands on and engaging it is. When you are traveling with kids, try find places that have playgrounds, children areas, rides, games, and other activities. Something else to think about is how safe the locations are. Deep water or high drops might not be the best options with younger travelers. It is important to find a happy medium, so that the older people in the group can enjoy the adventures and locations, but also appeal to younger ages! Check out to find great locations that are guaranteed to appeal to various ages and interests.

When the ages of passengers are widely varied, it is important to understand compromise. It’s a good idea to find times for the group to split up and venture to something that interests each of them. For example, an older passenger might be interested in visiting a museum in the area. This museum might have a children’s section or activities. In that case, everyone traveling together could go! If this type of museum isn’t fit for younger children, it might be in the best interest of everyone to split up for the day. It is important to experience a little bit of what everyone enjoys.

Traveling with a large group with various generations can be a very memorable and enlightening experience for all passengers. It is important to plan ahead and find destinations that will fit everyone’s interests. It is also necessary for all travelers to adapt and compromise so that everyone can experience something that interests them. On your next RV trip, consider traveling with younger and older generations, and create a bonding experience for everyone!