To report all claims please contact your insurance company. Contact our Claims Manager for assistance and questions at 800-331-1520.

Frequently Asked Claims Questions

Q: What do I do after a loss?
After a loss you need to contact your agent. If a theft has occurred you need to notify the police as well. Protect your property from further damage by making temporary and emergency repairs, keep receipts and an accurate record of repair expenses. Make a list of damaged or lost articles.
Q: What is Proof of Loss?
A proof of loss is a sworn statement signed by you making a formal claim for damage to, or loss of, property that is insured. It describes the details of the loss, property values, and interests in the property.
Q: Will a claim affect your rate?
Claims are not the sole basis for your rate, there is no guarantee what your premium will be at renewal. At the time of renewal other factors such as policy changes, violations and rate changes will also be taken into account. Rates cannot change in the middle of a policy term as the result of a claim.