Report a Claim

To report all claims please contact your insurance company.
Contact our Claims Manager for assistance and questions at

Company Claim Reporting Phone Numbers

Allied Insurance 800-282-9445
American Modern Insurance Group 800-375-2075
EMC Insurance 888-362-2255
Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance 877-467-2252
Hagerty Insurance 800-747-5348
Hastings Mutual 800-442-8277
Integrity 800-445-3030
National Interstate Insurance 800-929-0870
Progressive Insurance 800-274-4499
RLI 800-444-0406
Travel Insured 800-243-2440
United Fire Group 800-343-9131
VPI Pet Insurance 888-899-4874
Winnebago Mutual Insurance 641-592-1271


Highway Emergency Notification Numbers