5 Tips For Safer Telecommuting

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Working a 9-5 job every day can grow old. Some begin to feel stuck in a never-ending cycle; the same thing each day grows tiring. This is why some choose to telecommute in their motorhome, allowing them to travel and live a freer lifestyle. If you like the idea of this, here are some tips to help you telecommute safely: 

Organize Your Cords

Computers and other devices can require many cords for operation. Letting all these cords run everywhere can also become dangerous. Your workstation should be near a wall outlet to avoid running cords around the room. If you have many things to plug in, consider purchasing a power strip with a surge protector to easily organize everything. To organize the cords themselves, avoid letting them cross so they don’t get tangled up. If you want to bunch the cords, consider taping them together with electrical tape or using zip ties to hold them together. 

Keep Your Gadgets Away From Heat 

Heat sources can damage your computer and other devices in many ways, in some cases causing it to lose data or not work properly. This is why it is important to back up all your data on an external storage unit like a flash drive, SD card, or hard drive. You could also back up your data on the cloud. It is also important to keep your technology away from heat because devices that become overheated can cause a power outage or a fire. 

Secure Your Information

Along with making sure your files and data are backed up on the cloud or an external hard drive, it is also important to secure your information through strong passwords and networks. You should always use secure networks to protect your data from others. For these networks, as well as your other accounts, they need to have strong passwords. You should never use the same password twice and for it to be considered a strong password, it must have at least six characters and have a combination of upper/lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The longer the password is and the more it combines the previous elements, the harder it will be for anyone to hack.

Protect Your Eyes

When you do you work outside of the office, chances are a lot of your work still involves sitting in front of a computer screen for long periods of time. This is why it is important to give your eyes a break from the screen when you can. This long-term exposure can cause damage to your eyes if you do not provide yourself with several breaks. Consider purchasing a pair of blue light glasses that protect your eyes and prevent headaches (check out Amazon for some affordable options).

Keep A Clean Floor

Anywhere you are working, you should have clear floors to avoid any tripping hazards. This becomes even more important when you are combining your home with work. Be sure your motorhome floor is always clean with clear paths to avoid any accidents.