Refreshing Mocktail Recipes

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Whether you are expecting, the designated driver, or simply don’t want to deal with an unpleasant day after, mocktails are a great treat for anyone to enjoy! Coming up with a non-alcoholic version of a drink on the fly can be a bit difficult, so consider planning out what you will need for your mocktail ahead of time to save yourself from extra stress and get right to the goodness of enjoying a cool drink on a hot day. Consider some of the following mocktail recipes for the next time you want a refreshing drink, minus the alcohol:

Virgin Mojitos and Mules: Some of the most enjoyed summer drinks are mojitos and Moscow mules, both served ice cold with a fruity or herbal taste. Making these drinks nonalcoholic can be as simple as removing the rum or vodka and swapping it for another juice or carbonated soda. Another benefit of this drink is the versatility of the other ingredients, while mint and lime are typically the staples you can mix and match other fruits and juice flavors to find your favorite blend!

Blender Drinks: Mocktail Margarita & Pina Coladas are great blended options if you want a refreshing summer slushy minus the alcohol. These blended drinks can be mixed according to their original recipe just skip the tequila or rum when you’re adding ingredients into the blender. Don’t forget the salted rim and fruit garnish and your frozen mocktails will be the life of the party!

Spritzers & Refreshers: These sparkling drinks are a new favorite as people are wanting a refreshing but not too sweet drink to quench their thirst. Spritzers and refreshers both include fresh or frozen fruits, mint or some other herb, and a sparkling juice or carbonated soda to round out the sweetness. These drinks can be made ahead of time in a pitcher and you just add the chilled bubbly juice or soda and you are ready to serve!

Punch to Share: If you’re looking for a beverage to share with guests, there are a variety of punch options available that skip the alcohol to allow everyone’s enjoyment! Whether you like your punch with ice, sherbet, or loaded with fruits, it is a great way to make all guests feel included, and can even allow people to mix in their drink of choice to their own glass if they so choose. 

Any of these recipes are sure to be a hit with friends and family of all ages, and they are sure to cool you off on those hot summer days. It’s always a great idea to have an alternative drink option for those avoiding alcohol for whatever reason, after all, everyone appreciates a cold drink on a hot day! Consider mixing and matching some of the ingredients to try a new flavor or add some seasonal fruits to the blend for a new flavor every time you reach for a mocktail.