Essential Road Trip Snack Foods

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For any good road trip it is important to consider what snacks to bring to keep the drive moving and keep your energy up. Salty or sweet, savory or healthy, most people have different preferences when it comes to road trip snacks, but what is important is that there is something for everyone in the car. This way you minimize unnecessary stops and keep everyone satisfied on the long drive. Here are some snacks to consider for a variety of snackers:

The Healthy snacker: For the snackers that like to keep it healthy – after all, how many calories do you NEED to consume when you’re spending most of the day in the car? Consider some of the following snacks: beef jerky, fresh or dried fruits, string cheese, carrots, hummus, pretzels, premade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. All of these snacks may take a bit more planning – pack a cooler! – but in the long run you and your passengers will leave the car ride feeling light and healthy!

The Energy Boosters: For those long night drives or multiple-day road trips, it’s important to consider snacks that will give you the energy to get through the days and nights! Look for these snacks on your stops or pack some from home if you have the ability to plan ahead for the trip: bananas, greek yogurt, pistachios, almonds, whole grain snacks, protein bars or homemade protein balls, and sweet potato chips.

The Sweet Tooth: For the children or the adult sugar lovers in the car, having some sweet candy treats to snack on can make the ride more entertaining and feel like a fun break from everyday snacks. Just keep in mind how much sugar you are consuming and be sure to balance it out with some water or a healthier snack along the way. Some sweet snack favorites include: favorite candy bar (try a bag of minis for easy sharing!), Kettle corn, fruit snacks or fruit roll ups, chocolate covered pretzels or nuts, and puppy chow (homemade or store bought).

The Crunch Factor: Many road trip snackers will tell you that the  important part of a good road trip snack is the crunch factor. Since the driver especially can’t keep their mind busy with something in their hands or something to look at, the next best thing is keeping their mind on the taste and texture of the snack! Some great crunky snacks that are sure to please drivers and passengers alike include: kettle chips, popcorn, trail mix and other assorted nuts, Chex Mix or your favorite dry cereal, and fresh fruits and veggies for a healthy twist!

Whatever your snack preference there is something out there for every snacker on a road trip! To save yourself some stops and some money on the road, consider planning and packing your snacks beforehand, including a cooler for chilled snacks and drinks that travel well. Try some new snacks on your next trip and think about adding some from this list if you’re looking for something healthy, energy boosting, sweet, or crunchy – you just might find your new favorite road food!