Safety Tips for a Real Christmas Tree

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Christmas is an exciting time of year, and picking out the perfect real tree with family or friends is always an exciting an memorable holiday experience. However, real Christmas trees can carry some risks that aren’t always present with fake trees. Nobody wants a holiday disaster on their hands, but following these safety tips can help keep you and your family safe.

1. Choose a tree with moisture.

A real tree should be fresh when brought home, as more moisture in the tree means it is less likely to catch fire. The tree should be springy as opposed to easily snapped branches, the needles should still be dark green and healthy, and the tree should either be chopped right before taking home, or a more recently chopped tree should be chosen. Moisture can also be kept in the tree at home by keeping a source of water at the base, similar to how you would keep flowers alive in a  vase. If the tree dries out, it is better to be safe than sorry and replace the tree with a fresh one.

2. Keep tree away from heat source.

A Christmas fire is the last thing anyone would want during the holidays. Unfortunately, real trees don’t always have the fire resistant coatings that can be applied to fake trees. This, pair with the fact that the more the tree dries out the more flammable it gets, can make a real tree a huge fire hazard. One way to mitigate this danger is keeping the tree away from any heat sources, such as candles, heaters, or fireplaces. It is also recommended to turn off and unplugs tree lights overnight or when nobody is home.

3. Choose the right display location, and keep it secured.

The tree should be displayed not only away from heat sources, but also away from any children or pets that could knock it over. The weight of a real tree and all of the ornaments can pose a serious hazard if it falls over. It is also important that the tree is properly secured into the right base, which would further help prevent it from falling. Saving the money on getting a tree base won’t seem as smart when presents, or loved ones, are crushed beneath the Christmas tree. This can all be prevented by taking the necessary safety precautions in setting up the tree correctly.