8 Reasons Why You Need Car Insurance

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Many people don’t truly know what all goes into car insurance and what it all covers. Car insurance is an essential part of owning a car. Below are 8 reasons why you need car insurance. 

Most states require you to have it

The only two states in the U.S. that do NOT require car insurance are New Hampshire and Virginia.

You don’t want to pay out of pocket

Car insurance can help cover medical bills and help with fixing a vehicle. Paying off possible medical bills, or the cost of fixing a car out of pocket could financially devastate you. Medical bills often pile up over time and you don’t want to end up falling into a hole you can’t get out of.

It will protect your passengers

Imagine you’re going out for a drive with a friend, and you get into an accident. Maybe you walk away unharmed but your friend doesn’t. Your car insurance can actually help your friend pay for their medical bills.

Car rentals/alternative transportation

Depending on how extensive the damage is, or if your car is damaged beyond repair, you may be without a means of transportation for a while. Some car insurance policies may help you pay for a rental car. It also may be possible for you to be reimbursed if you have to take a cab or use a bus fare. 

Towing and labor coverage

Towing and labor coverage can help you in a variety of ways. For example, it can cover flat tires, jump starts, and lockout assistance. Depending on how far away you are towing alone can cost at least a hundred dollars or more. Depending on how you’re living financially these costs could put a dent in your income. 

Comprehensive coverage 

Comprehensive coverage can help pay for damage caused by:

  • Weather- weather conditions such as fire, flood, hail, and a tree falling can be included in this.
  • Theft- this only covers theft of your car or parts of your car. It does not cover the theft of personal items. 
  •  Vandalism- This will kick in if your car is keyed or the tires get slashed.

Liability coverage

If you are the cause of a car accident the least you can do is help pay for the other party’s’ expenses. This coverage may help pay for another person’s medical bills and property damages if you are found to be the cause of an accident.

Saves Time

A car accident is a serious inconvenience, and the post-accident process can be overwhelming. Your insurer can help you through this process to make sure it goes smoothly and quickly. Going through the aftermath of a car accident is no walk in the park; imagine doing it alone with no safety net.

Ultimately, car insurance gives drivers peace of mind. No one thinks about the possibility of an accident when they hit the road. Car insurance makes it possible for drivers to not have to worry about being covered if an accident should arise. Make sure that you do extensive research to find the right policies for you, in order to ensure that you are fully covered. If you have any questions about car insurance and policy options, consider contacting one of our insurance experts!